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Kapistoni Georgian Wine

Kapistoni Winery, a family-owned traditional winery located in Georgia’s certified Eco-Zone, embodies a commitment to sustainability and tradition in winemaking. With a history spanning seven generations, the Kapistoni name signifies excellence in wine. They attribute the unique character of their wines to Georgia’s age-old winemaking traditions, particularly the use of qvevri, which has played a central role for over 8000 vintages.
Believing that preserving tradition maintains the distinctive qualityof Georgian wines, Kapistoni emphasizes the interplay between qvevri’s aging environment and indigenous grapes. They minimize intervention during fermentation and aging to create wines that meet the qualitative standards of Kapistoni wine.
Despite the recent global recognition of Georgian wines and the adoption of Western winemaking techniques by some, Kapistoni Winery remains dedicated to crafting authentic artisanal Georgian wines exclusively in Qvevris. They firmly believe that the best Georgian wines stay true to their unique character.

The family produces unfiltered fine wines in Qvevri (clay vessel). Their white wines undergo an extended skin contact of 6 months, which contributes to a deeper color and light tannic sensation. Afterwards the wines are removed from the skins and mature in a seperate qvevri for 3 weeks for natural filtration.

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