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Introducing our Sustaina Wines B2B-Portal

We’re thrilled to have you here. Dive into a world where business meets the finest sustainable selection of wines. Our platform is exclusively designed for B2B interactions, ensuring a seamless experience for your procurement needs.

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Sustaina Wines Development Goals

The Vision

Redefining wine

The boutique agency, Sustaina Wines, was founded in 2023 by Peter Douglas, a wine industry veteran with over 13 years of experience. Based in Berlin, it specializes in purchasing and distributing wines from producers and distributing wines that align with our internal standards.

These standards focus on wine quality, service, communicated availability, and a commitment to sustainable practices, from vineyard to packaging.

I proudly represent both small and large-scale wineries committed to environmental responsibility, ethical business practices, and innovative wine production methods. The producers contribute to a sustainable environement through light weight packaging, renewable energy during production or by using light weight or alternative packaging, reducing the CO2 impact.

Meet the Winemakers

Our Unique Partners

Kevin, Marine and François
Famille Descombe

Kevin, Marine, François

Bodega Akutain

Jon Peñagarikano Akutain

Kapistoni Wines

Niko, Evgenia, Ruso, and Jose Louis

Your Advantages

Work With Us!

Sustaina Wines is the leading boutique wine agency committed to sustainability. To us, sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s a way of life. Our emphasis on sustainable practices, from the vineyard to packaging, has a positive impact on our planet. This is evident both economically and environmentally, as we champion carbon reduction, embrace natural approaches in the vineyards, and it resulting efficient logistics.

Alternative Format Wines
Our Bag-in-Box (BiB) wines are changing the game, achieving a remarkable 10x reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional glass bottles.

Lighter, Greener, Smarter: FrugalPac.
These 0.75L paper bottles are crafted from 100% recycled PET plastic. These innovative bottles use 90% less energy and emit 79% less CO2 than their virgin PET counterparts. They’re not only environmentally responsible but also 87% lighter than conventional glass bottles and 40% smaller, significantly reducing CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain. Lightweight Glass Bottles: A Greener Alternative Even our lightweight 420-gram glass bottles have a lower carbon footprint, approximately 22% less than traditional glass bottles.

A Sustainable Shipping Solution One 20L KeyKeg holds nearly 27 bottles of 0.75L wine, which means about 16 kg less glass is shipped for each Keg. A empty KeyKeg of 20 liters weighs only 1.05 kg—only a fraction of the weight per hectoliter when compared to steel kegs or glass bottles.

How It Works

Please drop us an email with your company credentials. We will check if you are eligible to register for our B2B shop. Once the process is complete, you will receive your login details.

Placing Orders

Any order requests placed will be reviewed by our team and forwarded to the winery. We will confirm prices, availability, and vintages as quickly as possible.


We will notify you when the wines are ready for pickup. You may arrange this with the forwarder of your choice. After the wines have been picked up, we will inform you when they have been dispatched.


We offer comprehensive service, assisting you in selecting the finest wines suited to your portfolio. If you are in search of wines outside of our portfolio or are interested in private labels, please contact us.

Different Approaches

Our producers are specialized in low intervention and low carbon emissions

Our Dedicated Partners

3 Partners, 3 different Approaches

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