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Bodega Akutain

Bodega Akutain, a family-owned winery with four decades of heritage, crafts classic and distinct wines under the D.O.Ca. Rioja label, with a profound emphasis on sustainability and quality. With an eco-conscious approach and light weight glass bottles, they maintain a controlled production, ensuring every bottle embodies the winery’s commitment to the environment and top-tier craftsmanship.

All wines from Bodega Akutain are nurtured in their vineyards in the Rioja Alta region. For over a quarter-century, Bodega Akutain has highlighted “Rioja Alta” on their labels, signifying a steadfast commitment to local, sustainable grape cultivation and honoring stringent eco-friendly standards.

Jon Peñagarikano Akutain, stands at the helm of this initiative, seamlessly blending time-honored low intervention traditions with forward-thinking sustainability practices. With a keen vision for the future, Jon ensures that Bodega Akutain’s limited production remains both ecologically responsible and highly coveted.

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